A LAST WISH – Being Mortal web film

8-minute YouTube film as part of Frontline’s Being Mortal project. CREDIT: Producer.

If you knew you were dying, what would you do with the time you had left? For Debbie Whitmore, a young mother diagnosed with colon cancer, the answer was simple: spend quality time, including a trip to DisneyWorld, with her husband and children.

Producer: Lauren Mucciolo
Producer, Editor: Nelson Ryland
Field Producer: Carla Borras
Senior Producer: Frank Koughan
Line Producer: Julie Rasquin
Principal Photography: Brian Dowley, Tim Gruzca, Tom Jennings, Mrinal Desai
Additional Camera: Lauren Mucciolo, Nelson Ryland
Music: John E. Low, APM Library
Assistant Editor: Jaclyn Lee, Anastasia Fedoryaka
Production Assistants: Jabari Canada
Intern: Hillary Hubley
Archival: Pond5, Mark Whitmore, Fox Sports

A Special Thanks to Debbie Whitmore and her family.

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